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AM Tech Video, Inc. (ATV Productions) is a full service multimedia producer. Established in 1985, ATV Productions provides a complete range of HD video services from video taping to final video editing and production on DVD, Blu-Ray, or web.

Some of our popular services include video duplications, foreign transfers, pictures to video, film to video, and VHS to DVD. We also offer video taping services, photo restorations, website design and maintenance, and security surveillance system installation.

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What are Broadcast TV Standards?

The lines are getting blurred between video taping for Broadcast, video taping for corporate video, and home consumer video taping, when you consider that there are a lot of home videos being used on broadcast TV these days. I have seen some pro-summer cameras and consumer video that was amazing and rivaled and surpassed some of our old professional cameras.

That alone does not make it broadcast or corporate video. Broadcast quality also incorporates steady shooting. A good video tripod costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Proper lighting is also very important for broadcast video. A three point lighting system is best.

Besides the proper equipment, know how is crucial. Audio is expected to be of the highest quality, which means putting a mic on everyone who would be speaking on camera. Wireless mics have to be of the highest quality to prevent drop outs. A professional videographer knows how to shoot for broadcast - what they can shoot, what they can't, and what outtakes will be needed for editing.

By Tex Bynum

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