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Camera internal memory to camera SD Memory Stick Instructions 101**

How to transfer to your Memory Card.

Memory Card and Camera

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by Tex Bynum

In this video we will be showing you how to transfer any video that’s on your Camera Hard drive or internal memory to the camera’s “Removable Memory Stick” Media.  For this example we used a Sony DCR-SX41.  This procedure is similar for many of the Sony cameras.  For other model cameras with SD memory cards the procedure may be similar however with some video cameras transferring video to the memory card is not possible at all.  We will be making new “how to videos” as we get in other brands of video cameras.

With the camera on, in play mode, push the touch screen home icon.
That should bring up the screen you see here, if not,
In the lower portion of the screen, touch the other tab shown here.
Touch the MOVIE DUB icon and that will bring up this screen.

Your choices are DUB by select,  DUB by date and SELECT ALL.
I don’t really know why the SELECT ALL icon wasn’t highlighted.  Maybe some one can write me if they ran into this before.  We will be using DUB by select in this example.

Touch the DUB by select and then when this screen comes up touch all the video icons that you wish to transfer to the memory card.  You will notice a red check mark on selected videos.  Touching the video icon a second time will de-select the video.

Touch the OK icon and the YES icon when it comes up.  You will see the transfer taking place and a completed message when done. 

Touching the OK icon then the HOME icon will get you back to the home screen.  That’s it, your videos were copied to the memory card.  Your original videos are also still in your cameras memory.  For your own peace of mind, you can leave them there until you transfer your videos to DVD and then delete them.

I should mention at this point if you are taking the memory card out of the camera, it is safer to first turn off your camera power.  If desired, you can now send the memory card to for processing.


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