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Video Camera Transfer from SD Card, Flash Memory Card, IPad, Digital HD Camera to DVD and Blu-ray. Professional service you can trust.

Memory Card to DVD, Instructions 101**

How to transfer your Memory Card to DVD.

Memory Card and CameraLet us do it for you, please. We Transfer video off of your memory cards and put them straight to DVD. All we need is the memory card(s) to complete this process. Simply mail your Memory Card (Mailing Form ) to us at AM TECH VIDEO, INC. 6585 Smith rd. Brook Park, OH 44142-3716 PH 800-262-8723


Normally, transfers to DVD take about one week. SPECIAL PRICING only $24.90 for up to 90 min. plus $7.90 shipping. For a transfer to * Blu-ray disc add just $10.00. Ohio residents must pay 7.75 % sales tax.

Transfers from Camera Hard Drive

Option 1: A lot of cameras will allow transferring video from the Hard Drive to it's memory card slot. From a media card we can then transfer it to DVD. If this is the case, simply copy the Hard Drive Video to the Memory Card and send us the Card. Option 2: Using a USB cable and your computer, transfer your camera video files to a Flash Drive or Memory Card and send it to us. Option 3: Send us your Camera.

By Tex Bynum

We also Transfer VHS to DVD or any other format.

8 mm, VHS-C, Beta Max, BetaCam, DV, PAL, PAL DVD, DVCpro, ect. Pricing starts at $17.50 plus shipping.

About us

Welcome to our web site! AM TECH VIDEO, INC. ( ) is a full service multimedia producer. Established in 1985, ATV provides a complete range of services from scripting to final production on VIDEO, CD-ROM, WEB or DVD.


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