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Video Production Services

AM Tech Video, Inc. (ATV Productions) is a full service multimedia production company. Established in 1985, ATV has produced videos and multimedia presentations for a diverse group of companies and individuals.

From scripting to final production and everything in-between, ATV can meet your needs, including studio music, multilingual voice-over and on camera talent. If your project involves video or multimedia, contact one of ATV's customer representatives to see what we can do for you!

Below is a demo video highlighting just a few of the many different jobs we've done over the years!

What is involved with video production?

First, a script and screenplay is developed from the information you provide. Once you approve the script, screenplay and any other changes, your production can begin! Our computer artist is responsibile for the completion of any graphics, charts or animations needed for the production. A video crew will be scheduled to videotape as described in the screenplay.

Next, an announcer (approved by you) will lay down the audio track. Video and audio tapes are time coded and logged as to content. From there, an edit list can be developed. At this point, the production editor will assemble all of the components, and digital rough editing will be performed. After you approve the rough edits we will complete final editing. Your video production is now complete!

Below is an example of an edit project for Diane Deacon. Graphics, effects and animations created by ATV Productions. Voice over by our announcer, Tim Friedmann. Video Taping on our 40 ft. Sound Stage.

Click below to view some of our useful video production forms (PDF Format)

Budget Proposal
Model Release Form
Non-Disclosure Form
Edit Sheet